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Hakuba Powder Mountain.
Dog friendly lodge in Hakuba

Service of Hakuba Powder Moutain

Hakuba Powder Mountain is located in Wadano area surrounded by the most popular forest in Hakuba.

We have renovated the entire lodge in 2019 and all suites are condominium-type with an individual kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedrooms.

In 2020 we opened the lodge as dog friendly for people who want to stay and enjoy great nature with their dog.

Although there are several pet friendly forms of accommodation in Hakuba, Hakuba Powder Mountain is one of the best dog friendly lodges.

There is also a loft type suite that children enjoy.

Designed like a secret base for outdoor enthusiasts, they are suites for children to enjoy with their dogs.

All suites have mountain views and you can see the Nagano Olympic downhill course from your suite.

The kitchens are fully equipped with dishes, cooking utensils, microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker, so please enjoy your time with your family and your dog.


Dog friendly accomodation

Highly Recommended For You

Your dog is always happy to be with you.  We have responded your request by providing accommodation where your dog can enjoy the vacation with you.  

Use the space as if you are at home

Hakuba Powder Mountain is a fun place where your dog can eat with you in the living kitchen (no the bedroom). You can enjoy the feeling of being at home while traveling.

Providing information for traveling with your dog

Around Hakuba Powder Mountain, we provide information about where you can always go out with your dog, such as trails where you can walk with your dog and places where you can enjoy the outdoors. Please ask anything about Hakuba.

Don't worry! Leave it to us!

Hakuba Powder Mountain has been supporting many guest since 1984.

If you are coming to Hakuba for the first time, please feel free to ask us anything you are unclear about.

The management staff also enjoy life with their dogs and we always hope all dogs will be happy to stay here with you.

It is our aim that you and your dog create the best memories in Hakuba.

Hakuba Travel Information

白馬 犬と泊まれる宿 Hakuba Powder Mountain

We can inform you about shops and events around our lodge.
In addition, we post useful information about Hakuba on our website and Instagram.
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Whether or not the accommodation is best for your dog is depending on you.

Please be sure to confirm the accommodation conditions on the “accommodation” page.

If you want to check in advance, please do not hesitate to ask  us anything, even small things.