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Hakuba Activity Infomation

All guests staying at Hakuba Powder Mountain are able to receive great information on activities to enjoy with your dog.

In Hakuba, there are many things to do such as going to the dog run, walking in the trails, and playing in great natures.



Walk around Hakuba Powder Mountain and enjoy nature

Hakuba Powder Mountain is located right in front of the Hakuba Happo-one ski lift and there are beautiful waking paths around Wadano area.

You can feel refreshed and your dog will have fun.

Wake up in the morning and enjoy walking around our lodge.

白馬村 和田野エリア ロッジ
白馬村 和田野エリア ゲレンデ
白馬 犬と泊まれる宿

Great views in Hakuba you can see with your dog

The new facility Hakuba Mountain Harbor is now opend on the top of Iwatake summit at an altitude of 1289m.

From the open terrace, you can overlook the Hakuba Sanzan (Hakubadakem Sokodake, Hakuba Tarigatake) and the Northern Alps that spread north and south.

白馬村 犬 岩岳 テラス
白馬村 犬 岩岳 テラス
白馬村 犬 岩岳

While relaxing on the terrace seats, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery of Hakuba Sanzan, which is made up of beautiful snow-covered peaks, autumn leaves on the hillsides, and beautiful greenery of the trees at the base.

Let’s enjoy the best views with your dog when you come to Hakuba.

You can check the official site at the bottom of this page.

Kayak with your dog

Kayak on the lake is recommended for people who are tired of the river.

In addition, there is a place in Hakuba where dogs can make a kayak debut together with you.

You will want to be with your dog whatever you do!

They support from small to large dogs and the dog trainer there is dedicated.

You can enjoy kayaking with peace of mind.

Furthermore, Aoki Lake has no waves.

You can check further details from their official site.

Traveling the sky with your dog

白馬 気球

The “Wanwan Hot Air Balloon” which allows you to enjoy the scenery of the magnificent Alps and the ski jumping platform used at the Nagano Olympics in Hakuba.

白馬 気球 犬

Playing in Matsukawa Area

白馬村 松川 犬

The view of the Alps that appears in front of Matsukawa is very beautiful.

From spring to summer, the water in the mountains melts and flows, so it is clear and cool. This is a perfect place to play for dogs and children.

It feels like playing in the wilderness abroad, while still in Japan

It is a highly recommended place for those who want to enjoy the outdoors!

白馬村 松川 犬

This is a recommended place for dogs who love playing in the water.

Please feel free to ask us for the details about how to go there.


The summit dog run! You can ride your gondola with your dog

A good point about Hakuba is that there is a place where you can go on a gondola with your dog at an altitude about 300m and enjoy the dog run at the summit area.

In the summer, dogs also get heat exhaustion but the dog run on the high mountain of Hakuba is the best place for dogs!

It will definitely be a place of memories experiencing the cool summer.

Playing in the clear water of the melting snow from the Northern Alps, and climbing  the mountain on a trekking course are much fun.

In winter season, it’s a great time for your dog to play in the snow!

Details can be found on the official site. 

白馬村 雪遊び

Get the latest information from our instagram

白馬 スノーピーク

Hakuba Powder Mountain provides information about Hakuba on instagram,  so that you can get the latest information from us on our instagram!

Now there is a new facility, snow peak land station HAKUBA is going to open in April 2020!

This facility is a hands-on complex that combines a “store are”, “playing are” and “event are”.

How about shopping at the new facility with your doggy?

Please look forward to the Hakuba Powder Mountain Instagram.

白馬 スノーピーク

Now you can see more details about each activity from the official sites.

Please click each picture for accessing the official sites.

白馬マウンテンハーバー (Hakuba Mountain Habar)
白馬カヤック(Hakuba Kayak)
わんわん熱気球 (Wanwan Hot Air Ballon)
山頂ゴンドラ (Gondola)
白馬村松川エリア (Matsukawa Area)

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