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We have rooms where your dog can stay with you.

Hakuba Powder Mountain has been established since 1984 and loved by many guests during all seasons for a long time.

All rooms are cozy and comfortable for families and their friends.

Each suite has an individual living room and bed rooms so that each group has complete privacy. 

Since this is not a shared lodge , you can enjoy time with your family and friends with complete privacy.

Our lodge is dog friendly, especially for small and medium dogs.
*Please contact us if you would like to stay with a large dog.



All seasons available 

Accomodation fee for dogs

JPY 1,000 / night (tax included)

*Up to 3 small and/or medium dogs can stay.

*JPY 1,000 (excluding tax) will be charged separately for each dog.

*Please contact us if you would like to stay with a large dog.


Eagle: 4 guests + up to 3 small and/or medium dogs
Bear: 4 guests + up to 3 small and/or medium dogs
Moose: 6 guests + up to 3 small and/or medium dogs
(Dogs are allowed in living room and kitchen area only) 


What you bring

Crate, meals, tableware, towels, bedding, toys, and other things you usually use

Dedicated equipment

Cage (width97.5×depth66.5×height55.5cm), adhesive tape (rolling), wet tissue, deodorant, bad for removing feces, pet sheets, pet dishes, pet trash can, deodorizer, foot wipe towel.

About dog breeds

All small dogs are basically ok no matter the breed, but please feel free to contact us if you do want to check in advance.

Terms and conditions

Dogs who use our dog friendly lodge must obey the following conditions.

  1. Only small dogs kept indoors are allowed inside the facility and no other animals are not allowed.
  2. Dogs must be toilet trained and not bark, jump or destroy the facilities.
  3. Be vaccinated against rabies and viral infectious disease (5 or more combination vaccines) and must be more than 2 weeks and less than 1 year after vaccination.
  4. At least 6 months old
  5. Able to sleep in the cage at night
  6. Fleas, mites and parasites have been eliminated
  7. Female dogs must be in estrus (4 weeks from the date of menstruation) and not pregnant.
  8. The dog registration has been completed at the public health center.
  9. Not being treated for illness or injury, and not at risk of infection.

When using the facility, please observe the following points  so that you can enjoy your stay in the facility.

  1. Please finish shampooing and bathing before check in
  2. Please clean dog’s paw at the entrance when entering the suite
  3. Please do not shampoo or bathe your dog in the bathroom
  4. Your dog is able to access to living room and kitchen area only
  5. Please do not let your dog in bedroom
  6. Please refrain from trimming or brushing in the suite. Please do it outside and clean up any hairs and other things
  7. If excretion occurs outside of the toilet, please remove and clean immediately
  8. Feces during the walk and in the dog-friendly room should be handled at your own risk and placed in a dedicated box in the suite
  9. Leave your dog in a cage if you leave your dog alone
  10. If you go out with your dog, be careful with your car. In addition, please be sure to attach a lead so that it will not bother other customers or nearby people
  11. Bring meals for your dog
  12. Great care should be taken to prevent damage to buildings, furniture, fixtures and others. In case of damage, you will be responsible for it

We will not be liable for any damages caused by your dog. 

In addition, please note that you will be charged at the actual cost if the equipment in the gall or the room is damaged or soiled.

If there is any false information in the application, or if the guest or dog violates there terms during the stay and causes remarkable inconvenience or accidents to other guests, accommodation may be refused.

Common to all suites


All suites are fully air- conditioned so that you can stay comfortable even in hot summers.

Wifi and Netflix are also available with free of charge. You can enjoy drama and movies on the sofa after enjoying great nature of Hakuba.

The kitchen is fully equipped with tableware, cooking utensils, microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. 

Please spend a relaxing time with your family and friends.

  • Wife/Netflix with no charge
  • Free parking space
Common to all suites

Characteristic of Hakuba Powder Mountain

  • All ski slope view
  • English speaking staff
  • Family friendly
  • Walking course surrounding by great nature 
  • 9 hot spring facilities in Hakuba
  • Walk to bar
  • Laundry room
  • Free parking


The rooms

We have 3 types of suites and each has a private living room and bed rooms.


4 guests and up to 3 small dogs

Children can enjoy going up to the loft.

Spend your time with your dog in the cozy living room.

白馬パウダーマウンテン イーグル
白馬パウダーマウンテン 犬と泊まれる宿 内観

4 guests and up to 3 small dogs

This room feels like being at home and you can spend the time as if you were at home. 

Enjoy with your dog.


6 guests and up to 3 small dogs

Large room for staying with your family

Enjoy spending time with your dogs.


白馬パウダーマウンテン 犬と泊まれる宿